Northern Ireland Assistance Dogs (NIAD)
Charity No. NIC100290


The whole concept of Northern Ireland Assistance Dogs was born around a kitchen table in Ballykinlar, Co Down, Northern Ireland and a lot of background work was done before NIAD came to be.

Our founders, Paul & Bareena, had a strong connection to disability and people less fortunate than the ‘ordinary’ person. In their own words, "In particular two children had a great influence on us and will be forever in our hearts.  They are two unbelievable children and their families; one child had cerebral palsy and the other with autism. The children were happy  despite their disabilities and that humbled us, knowing that there was so much more, but yet the children were happy, of course that was down to their families and their care and support." They knew a dogs are very intelligent animals and with the correct training, could help people too.

Since the beginning NIAD has deliberately grown slowly & at a pace that could be managed and sustained both physically and financially.  By July 2016 we hade 9 dogs either in training or working across Northern Ireland. We are exploring other medical conditions that dogs can be used to alert their Partner to and introducing an "owner-trained" program over the coming year.

NIAD continues to grow...


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Charity number NIC 100290 (updated by new NI Charity Commission 2014)
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