Northern Ireland Assistance Dogs (NIAD)
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What we do

Our mission at Northern Ireland Assistance Dogs (NIAD) is to make a positive impact on the lives of adults and young adults living with unstable/brittle diabetes and their families by providing exceptional, well trained Diabetes Alert Dogs.  

Medical Alert Dogs

People with diabetes who have lost their hypo-awareness can greatly benefit from a trained assistance dog.  These dogs alert their partner that a hypoglycaemic crisis is coming.  This advance notice allows the person to get to a safe place and take appropriate action.

We are currently investigating other areas where medical alert dogs can be trained to assist people.

Companion Dogs

NIAD do not provide 'companion dogs' however, albeit rarely, one of our dogs may not meet the standard required to be a NIAD Diabetes Alert Dogs; this can be for any number of reasons. We aim to place these dogs with suitable adopters as family pets. These dogs are not supported by NIAD nor will they have assistance dog status. When we have a dog that needs to be adopted we will ask for adopters on our Facebook page and on this website.

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